1:1 Coaching

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be.

The life in front of you is far more important than the life behind you.

Joel Osteen

Highest level of ongoing support to help you dig deep and make lasting changes.

1:1 Coaching

With a personalized approach, the power of 1:1 coaching paired with accountability and support can be life changing in your alignment journey. Together we will dig deep into the areas in your life where you feel held back. We will work with your inner child to heal old traumas and wounds, we will isolate and work through those limiting beliefs that are the only blocks between you and your most aligned self.

Guidance, support, accountability and motivation for those who are truly ready to step into their greatness, into their light, to rise up TODAY not someday.

I will help you remove the blocks to create lasting positive change.

How do I know that 1:1 Coaching is what I need?

You answer YES to more than 3 of the following.

  • Lacking in self-confidence
  • Unsatisfied with your career or job
  • Still looking for your ideal relationship
  • Not feeling valued
  • Struggling with guilt, grief or fear
  • Overwhelmed, stressed, unmotivated
  • Procrastinating, unable to make decisions
  • Going through difficult life changes
  • Want a better relationship with food
  • Want to truly love the body you live inn

Coaching with Fiona includes:

  • Regularly scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions, plus ” In the moment” support between sessions
  • Guidance, support, structure
  • Accountability, brainstorming, cheerleading
  • Insight, practical tips, suggestions
  • Tools, resources, worksheets
  • Specific action steps to keep you moving forward
  • Open dialogue, safe discussion

FULL TRANSPARENCY: 1-on-1 coaching is for people who are eager and ready to change and grow, and understand that there is no miracle solution. You understand that it takes time, energy, and financial commitment to reach your goals. If you are looking for the least expensive solution, as opposed to the best possible solution, then this won’t be a good fit. 1-on-1 coaching is an investment in YOU. This is a commitment to your highest self, to rise up and meet her there.

If you have this innate feeling that there is MORE out there for you, you are ready to step into your light, quit making excuses in life, or you KNOW the way you feel day to day just isn’t it, then 1:1 Coaching is for you.

What will we work on?

Let me ask you a question. Answer it honestly. How often in your life do you say YES when you want to say NO? Boundaries are one of, if not the most important components to living a life of Alignment and I can guarantee you, you are not alone in being sucky in the setting boundaries department.

We do both kinds of inner work. Boundary setting, judgement detoxing and inner child healing have everything to do with you dropping the self limiting beliefs and living your life in total alignment.

We also focus on intuitive eating, ditching the diet mentality and eating foods you WANT to eat. We will talk about the list of BAD foods, oh wait THERE ARE NONE! Together we will challenge the food police, learn all about the food our bodies actually want, and how we can not only live intuitively, but eat intuitively. If a meal plan or calorie/macro counting is what you are after you won’t find it here sis. That life is not sustainable and in no way is depriving yourself of the foods you actually want to eat, living in alignment.

In short, we do the damn work. It’s messy, it’s scary and it will likely hurt before it gets better, but when something is out of alignment, sometimes it needs to break before it can be whole again. The beautiful thing is, you don’t do this alone.

Book an Alignment Inquiry call with me today and find out if Align Your Life Coaching is a good fit for you.

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