Stitched Together

If I can ask you, only for a minute, to put everything that is on your mind on pause, to ask yourself a question. I want you to ask yourself, what the lesson has been over the past 7 months or so. If you are reading this anytime other than September 2020, Im referring to the season of pause, covid, quarantine, whatever you have named it. What is the lesson you have been handed called? Give it a name.

There have been multiple times during this ‘season’ I have felt alone, inferior, scared, discouraged, weak, lost and flat out scared. How is there a lesson in this? These feelings hurt and if I am being completely honest, I have found it pretty hard to pull myself out of them time and time again. One thing that has remained consistent for me, is to have FAITH, and to TRUST, that everything is unfolding as it should, or as a past mentor once told me, everything is unfolding perfectly. I cannot tell you why I know that everything will be ok, but I do, I know, one way or another, we will come out of this stronger.

My lesson has been just that. To trust. To trust that when I feel scared I push forward anyways, that when I am discouraged, to look around and remember how far I have come. I have learned that without weakness there would be no way of knowing how strong I am capable of becoming. I have learned that when I feel alone, if I truly look around, I mean REALLY look around me, I am SURROUNDED by love, support, strength, guidance, even if I can’t see it, it’s there.

I have learned that every tear, every anxious thought and feeling, every raised voice, every quiet hug, every subtle affirmation, has been the needle in which I stitch this story together. Because stitched together, this has been one hell of a season.

A season, is the division of a year, marked by changes, and truly, isn’t that life? There have been days that just like the sun, you have been stronger. There have been days that just like the rain, the tears haven’t stopped flowing. There have been days that have been like the wind and just blown by you. There have also been days that just like the wind you have been more powerful that you could imagine. That just like the moon, you have been brighter and bigger than ever before, that just like the moon, you have been a beacon for someone, for yourself.

Without the lows we would never know the highs, without the pain we would never know comfort, without the fear we would never know courage. Without the season, we would never know that it truly is ok, to change.

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