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Things I have highlighted :

“In order to feel good, you must decide to stop feeling bad”

“We think things like ‘ I’ll feel good when I get a clean bill of health’ – when we do this we are putting the outcome before the feeling”

” When we focus on what we think we need we weaken our faith in the Universe”

” But what many of us don’t know is that comparison is actually a form of judgement, and judgement weakend attracting power”

” Always carry a flashlight, it serves as a constant reminder of your ability to shine light even around the darkness of others”

” This kind of selfishness doesn’t hurt anyone else, and it doesn’t mean you deglect others in any way. But it requires you to put your joy first. You must make your joy your highest priority. When you’re selfish about your well being, you’re actually being of high service to the world”

” A Course In Miracles Says, ‘Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”

“Manifesting is the creative process of aligning with the energy of the Universe to co-create an experience that elevates your spirit and the spirit of the world.”

” Everything is happening around me, and I am truly taken care of”

“Appreciation is the antidote to worry”

“My deep gratitude for my recovery is what has kept me clean and sober for so many years. I appreciate my addiction because it was the catalyst for the spiritual path that I am on today.”

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