Group coaching

Picture this. You have a workout booked, you know what you are going to wear and what time it starts, but something inside you just says that Netflix and your couch sounds a lot better.

Question: What is missing? We all know that showing up for ourselves is the most important but what if we are not there just yet? What if we need a little extra support, accountability, motivation and encouragement?

Answer : Group Coaching

I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support and empower other women, it’s my favourite and we need more of it.

Online Group Coaching

A community of like minded supportive women. A judgement free zone to show up as the person you are TODAY and work collectively to let the powerful bright light shine that you have always had inside you.

In my group coaching community we work together in a judgement free safe space to level up our self care, dive deep into personal development and self help, improve our relationship with food through intuitive eating, strengthen the relationship we have with our intuition and really learn how to trust and follow it. We will talk all things manifestation, crystals, tarot and oracle cards. We meditate under the full moon and we get up with the sun to workout and hold each other accountable. I guess you can say yea, we just become best friends.

Having a safe space of supportive likeminded women has helped members implement routine and structure into their lives, start exercising, try and learn new things, and level up spiritually to become the powerful women they always have been.

What is included ?

Our group coaching platform is located in a PRIVATE Facebook group and includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Guided Meditation (3 x a week with full access to all previous recordings)
  • Learn the principles of manifestation and how to apply it to your life
  • Intuition work to strengthen your connection and relationship with your inner guide
  • Weekly live card readings
  • 1 30 minute 1:1 coaching session per month
  • 1 private personal card reading per month
  • Guidance with intuitive eating
  • Recipes, food suggestions
  • Access to monthly book club and discussion group
  • Special Full Moon/New Moon meditations

Heres what a few of our members are saying:

“The Align your life community has provided me with a group of people to share my ups and downs with and given me some workout accountability. The one on one coaching that Fiona is providing is really helping me organize my thoughts and prioritize my activities in order to reach my goals. The goal setting activity assisted me in uncovering what direction I really wanted to move forward in!”

“Align your Life has helped to make me feel more balanced and secure in my day to day activities. The support of Fiona and all the other women cheering each other on and sharing their wisdom and experience is truly motivating and as a result, my life feels better. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! Especially with this tribe of strong women around me, all pushing to be the best version of themselves. Fiona keeps you accountable and on your toes. This is the perfect group for someone wishing to connect and align their mind, body and spirit to help build a healthier, brighter life for themselves.”

“I love this program. You may not think I am listening or doing everything but I am. You have made me feel better about myself in so many ways I love how you check in with me I have not been as active as I maybe should or could be but it is on my mind each extra step is an accomplishment for this old lady. “

Book an Alignment Inquiry call with me today and find out if Align Your Life Coaching is a good fit for you.

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