Guided Meditation

Meditation brings us present. Being present is a quality of the now.

In the exact degree that you give up, so you shall receive. -Anandamayi Ma

What is Meditation?

Dhyana, or meditation is both a practice and a state of being. When we meditate we bring the body and the mind into the same place at the same time. Each person’s meditation practice is unique and each person’s experience will be different.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is for everyone. If you are new to the practice and are looking to develop your own, guided meditation is an excellent tool to get you started. As your coach and meditation teacher I will help you set the foundation and guide you through your practice where you will explore your spiritual and energetic self. Through guided meditation you will enter the receptive state of consciousness where you will help yourself reduce anxiety, create relaxation and form new thought patterns.

Meditation Myths

Meditation can sound like it is only for those sitting on top of a mountain peek overlooking a stream burning sage and chanting, right? Well I will put your mid at ease, Meditation, is for everyone.

Let’s bust some myths real fast.

Myth #1 Meditation is only for someone on a spiritual journey.This is not true. While meditation is helpful in connecting with spirit, it is a deeply personal practice and you make it your own.

Myth # 2 Meditation is used to gain peace of mind. Though this is a benefit, it is not a necessity. Some days we have a million things going on and we can’t stop the thoughts, and that is ok.

Myth #3 Meditation is about controlling the mind. Meditation is neither effort or control. It is the expansion of consciousness. Meditation is all about practice.

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